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Chefs are passionate about their work, their creative vision, their values,their team. Every chef seeks partners who understand and share his or her passion and values. Chefs choose partners as carefully and critically as they choose their knives. And they take very good care of their knives. 

Let CONNECT Magazine introduce you to these discriminating professional Chefs who embody the highest values and most creative visions in the Industry. We know Chefs and we know what they care about. 

We know how to reach the busiest Chefs because we have interacted directly with them for over 25 years. Each quarterly issue of CONNECT offers a variety of premium advertising opportunities that enable select innovative advertisers a way to reach exactly these hard to reach chefs. If you would like more information about these unique targeted advertising opportunities for your “chef-worthy” products and services, please contact our Sales Director and find out how you can be seen by the best.

Like their knives, once a Chef chooses a worthy partner, they remain loyal.  But first you must reach them in their world, on their terms, with equal passion. Request your Media Kit today for all the details on how you can become their next trusted partner.

Contact: Peter Schlagel, Publisher and Sales Director
CONNECT Magazine
206-372- 9087