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Each beautiful digital issue of CONNECT Magazine explores a single culinary theme from a variety of viewpoints ranging from the historical to the contemporary. In addition to six in-depth original feature articles, each issue includes ten repeating special interest departments. 

Explore this sample extract to get a feel for the contents of this unique and important culinary magazine.


The FULL January-March 2018 Issue 1/1 includes the following theme and feature articles:

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Issue Theme: Choice

Why Chefs Wear White
The Millennial Wave
Where Chefs Change the World
The Greatest Ships that Ever Sailed
Picture This
Chefs at the Crossroads


Future 2018 CONNECT Issues include the following themes and feature articles:

April - June, 2018 Issue 1/2

CONNECT Cover 2 with Blk Border.jpg

Issue Theme: Courage

Star Search
Portraits of Talent
The Oyster King of New York
Mothers of the Sea
Cowboys, Coffee and Candy
A Rose by Any Other Name


July - September, 2018 Issue 1/3

CONNECT Cover 3 with Blk Border.jpg

Issue Theme: Create

All Hail the Tomato Queen
How Paella Went Latin
Foreign Accents
Diplomatic Picnics
The Adventures of Tintin
Getting the Scoop


October - December, 2018 Issue 1/4

CONNECT Cover 4 with Blk Border.jpg

Issue Theme: Commit

Travel the Taco Trail
Donuts, Whalers and Soldiers
The Grand Dame of Champagne
Doritos in the Grave
All Aboard
The Beauty of Nori